iconUSB Dual Relay outputs assembly
This board provides a pair of SPDT relays controlled and powered by USB.
34.49 $ CAD
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Product Description:

This board provides a pair of SPDT relays, controlled and powered by USB. Ideal for computer control of power supplies, button simulation, tests jigs, etc.


  • Two independently controllable SPDT relays.
  • Terminal block connection with clearly indicated wiring positions.
  • Wiring termination: 3-position clamping screw type terminal block.
  • On-board LEDs for easy feedback.
  • Unique serial number enabling selective use of multiple units.
  • Powered by USB. (No external power required)
  • Four mounting holes for sturdy mounting.

Relay specifications:[1]

  • Maximum AC voltage: 250 VAC
  • Maximum AC current: 12A
  • Maximum DC voltage: 30 VDC
  • Maximum DC current: 10A
  • [1] For complete relay specifications, see relay+RT-DC-PB_0106-2.pdf


  • USB Dual relay board
  • USB Cable


  • Each board has a unique serial number allowing simultaneous use of several units without confusion.
  • Source code for Linux/*nix simple command line tool. Ideal for scripts.
  • Windows command line tool soon to be available.

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Download(s) & Link(s):
Command-line tool (Linux/Unix)dusbrelays_ctl-1.1.1.tar.gz

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